What happened to Ozzy Hookah?

What happened to Ozzy Hookah?

Posted by Gabriel Mrad on

Hello everyone,

Since i got your attention, I ought to let you know about the status of Ozzy Hookah and the changes I undertook to keep the business stable, safe and operational for many more years to come.

First things first, I want to take the opportunity to thank you all for the continuous support during my time away and keeping our social groups active and joyful. Most of you have met my brother Tarek who done an amazing job keeping it on its feet and keeping you guys together.

Now let's get to it, I will put this context into a Q&A format, so please if I miss a question don't hesitate to email me and I will answer you right away!

Where is Ozzy Hookah now?
- Ozzy Hookah is located in Auckland, New Zealand.

Who is running Ozzy Hookah?
- Running it myself since I’m permanently living back home in Auckland.

Will you still be retailing hookah products?
- Yes, I just gave our web store a facelift, please check it out.

What will you will be retailing?
- Anything hookah related, from pipes to tobacco and coals, only brands that are worth investing in to fulfil your habit.

Is your shisha tobacco legal?
- Yes absolutely shisha tobacco is imported and declared legally, I do not conduct importing shisha products illegally, so please respectfully do not ask me to smuggle.

Can you ship to Australia?
- Yes, we can ship any product to Australia unless specified in a specific product description. Usually if not allowed to be shipped to a specific country, it will not let you proceed to checkout.

What other countries do you ship to?
- We decided to cover Oceania, so we have international shipping at the lowest rates available guaranteed.

Which shipping companies do you use?
- NZ Post, NZ Post International, DHL Express, Aramex and UPS.

Any hint what tobacco brands you be retailing?
- At the moment we have Azure and Tangiers, more brands are coming in, stay subscribed with us.

How come your product prices in Australia are lower than New Zealand?
- That is caused by the automated currency converter feature following the country you viewing our site from. We will receive all funds in NZD despite if you see it in any other currency.

Do you guarantee international deliveries of shisha tobacco?
- No, I will not guarantee deliveries, always check with your border laws on importing shisha tobacco. Generally small orders are ok, but don't order commercial quantities from me, I will not take that order.

How come there are hardly any products on the site?
- I just relocated to a different country and I’m in the works of gathering more new products in for you at the best prices possible. Over time more and more goodies will be up.

Are you bringing Ozzy Hookah auctions back?
- Absolutely, i have some limited edition items coming in soon, so your wild nightly auctions will be back.

Who is looking after Azure and Cocourth in Australia?
- My brother Tarek under his company (The Hookah Company) is distributing those brands and more.

I guess this is a wrap up, all the important questions are covered, thank you for taking the time to read this novel, again if you have more questions for me please email (info@ozzyhookah.com) and i will answer you right away.

Much love and respect
God bless you

Gabriel Mrad