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Darkside is a real master of the hookah industry. Excellent quality, an excellent blend of raw molasses, constantly refined flavor palette - all this allows the brand to act as a "trendsetter" among molasses producers in Russia.

Flavour profile:

ADMIRAL ACBAR CEREAL – Creamy taste of sweet oatmeal with berries

BANANAPAPA – Bright and rich taste of ripe sweet banana

BARBERRY GUM – the taste of the same barberry from childhood, sweet with a little sourness

BARVY ORANGE – Bright summer aroma of refreshing orange juice

BASIL BLAST – Fresh taste of fragrant green basil

BASSBERRY – Bright aroma of ripe bunches of red currants with sourness

BERGAMONSTR – Spicy and slightly tart taste of ripe bergamot

BLACKCURRANT – Tart aroma of ripe blackcurrants

BLUEBERRY BLAST – Soft harmonious taste of fresh forest blueberries

BOUNTY HUNTER – Delicate, slightly creamy taste of tropical coconut

BREAKING RED – Bright taste of sweet pomegranate with slight sourness

CODE CHERRY – Rich taste of ripe cherries with a tart aftertaste of the stone

COSMO FLOWER – Bright floral aroma with berry aftertaste

CYBER KIWI – Bright taste of sweet smoothie from ripe kiwi fruits with sour notes

DARK ICECREAM – Mild chocolate chip ice cream flavour

DARK PASSION offers a pleasant taste of passion fruit, just such a real sweet and sour with small notes of astringency, the taste is very cool and truly conveyed!

DARKSIDE COLA – Invigorating refreshing taste of cola with a slice of lemon

DARKSIDE COOKIE – Darkside’s top flavour, rich chocolate chip cookie flavour with aromatic notes of banana

DARKSUPRA – The taste of traditional Japanese Sencha green tea with a subtle hint of jasmine

DEEP BLUE SEA – Delicate taste of traditional sugar cookies with creamy notes

FALLING STAR - Sweet mango flavour with refreshing passion fruit in a tropical cocktail

FRUITY DUST – Complex aroma of juicy exotic fruits

GENERIS RASPBERRY – Delicate sweet aroma of ripe raspberries

GLITCH ICE TEA – Refreshing taste of cool peach tea

GOAL – a sweet blueberry flavour with a slight freshness and energy

GRAPE CORE – Rich taste of the pulp of ripe grapes

GREEN BEAM – Moderately sweet, soft and slightly astringent taste of feijoa fruit

GUAVA REBEL – Intense taste of juicy guava pulp with a slightly tart undertone

ICE GRANNY – Intense flavour of ripe green Granny Smith apple

KILLER MILK – Rich sweet taste of condensed milk

LEMONBLAST – Refreshing sour aroma of ripe lemon with a slight bitterness

MANGO LASSI – Sweet taste of milkshake with mango pulp

NEEDLS – Fresh pine aroma with slight bitterness and resinous undertones

PINEAPPLE PULSE - Sweet taste of pineapple pulp with a slight sour aftertaste

POLAR CREAM – Soft and rich taste of pistachio ice cream

RAF IN THE JUNGLE – Soft creamy chocolate taste of RAF coffee with orange zest

RED ALERT – Juicy watermelon pulp with hints of honey melon in a refreshing soft drink

RED TEA – Spicy aroma of strong red hibiscus tea

SKYLIME – refreshing lime and mint flavour

SPACE JAM – Rich taste of strawberries in sweet syrup

SUPERNOVA – Breathtaking, chilling menthol cold

SWEET COMET – Refreshing aroma of ripe cranberries with a hint of banana

TROPIC RAY – Caribbean tropical fruit cocktail with coconut and pineapple

VIRGIN PEACH – Velvety taste of ripe honey peach pulp

WILD FOREST – Intense strawberry flavour in a juicy wild berry cocktail

WILDBERRY – Deep fragrant aroma of freshly picked wild berries