Flavour Amazon
Size 50g

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Hand-stripped and roasted to be consistent and sensorial from start to finish, our expansive range of molasses offers our modern take on traditional flavours as well as a selection of new, transportive flavours—each crafted to reflect a variety of tastes from around the globe.

List of flavour description:

Amazon. Like the winding river itself, our Amazon molasses takes you on an exotic, tropical adventure into uncharted territory.

Berry. Inspired by the sweetness of summer, our exquisite berry blend delivers a deep and uniquely sophisticated sensation.

Bittersweet. A complex and multi-faceted blend, Bittersweet is a sweet and sour combination that you’ll never forget.

Blue Cloud. The pinnacle of relaxation, Blue Cloud is designed for smoothness and takes you closer to serenity.

Blueberry. A mature swirl of acidity and sweetness just plucked from the wild to tantalize the senses.

Chocolate Mint. Decadent and indulgent, this flavour slowly evolves to tease and tantalize.

Citrus. A blend of sweet and tangy flavour that packs a powerful punch of citrus.

Cool Breeze. Like a light wind off the Mediterranean, Cool Breeze promises the possibility of new pleasures to come.

Copacabana. Sweet and sultry, our Copacabana molasses is made for nights of love, passion, and celebration.

Granny’s Kiss. A taste so potent it will exhilarate the senses. Sweet euphoria awaits with Granny ́s Kiss.

Grape Mint. Succulent bunches paired perfectly with the cooling sensation of mint, for a truly divine experience.

Grape. A slow developing tanginess that evolves in waves, each time revealing a new layer of sun-soaked freshness.

Gum Cinnamon. Spicy and smoky cinnamon is artfully blended with invigorating mint flavour.

Gum Mint. Bracingly fresh and highly sensorial, an ancient flavour to rejuvenate the body and uplift spirits.

Gum. An elegantly chilling evergreen smoke that captivates and stimulates with every breath.

Lemon Mint. A delicate balance of fruity tartness and refreshing cool creates excitement and delight.

Lemon. Mellow and juicy citrus flavours trigger relaxation and melt away the day’s stress.

Mint. Menthol tones stir the senses unleashing a desire to embrace and enjoy life.

Mojito. A sweet, refreshing, and potent aroma inspired by the zesty spirit of Cuba.

Moonlight. Hazy and soft like the cool glow of a full moon, every puff of our Moonlight molasses is pure poetry.

Orange Mint. Sweet and savory, orange and mint combine in a swirl of freshness.

Orange: Radiant and golden, our orange nectar bursts with exotic perfection.

Romance. Mysterious and alluring, Romance has the perfect chemistry that won’t fade as the night goes on.

Sour Asia. Exquisitely tart and satisfyingly sweet. Sour Asia is designed to take your breath away.

Spectra. Bright and radiant, our Spectra molasses is a complex blend sure to illuminate your night.

Two Apple Mint. Crisp and tart flavours are punctuated with a cool bite of minty freshness.

Two Apple. A sweet and refreshingly easy smoke hand-picked for its traditional deliciousness that always satisfies.

Velvet. Rich and luxurious, our exclusive Velvet molasses blends bold flavour with an incredibly smooth finish.

Watermelon Mint. Energizing watermelon mint quenches and cools, creating juicy and light refreshment.

Watermelon. Sweet watermelon sooths and relaxes on even the hottest of summer days.

White Peach. Warm, sticky, and delicate, this nectar is a sweet indulgence.

Wild. Untamed and teeming with intrigue, Wild is an uninhibited and daring molasses crafted for those who take chances.