Ozzy Coco Cube 28mm 1kg

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Introducing Ozzy Coco! The latest addition to the Australian coal market, crafted by the community, for the community.

After extensive research to source the finest coal for our market, we proudly present our inaugural line featuring three sizes: 26mm, 28mm, and Hexagon.

Ozzy Coco offers premium quality charcoal designed to burn at the optimal temperature, ensuring an exceptional hookah experience. While not self-igniting, our coals boast extended burn times and can be easily lit on an electric coal burner or a gas stove burner.

Created from compressed coconut shells, Ozzy Coco coals are 100% natural, odor-free, and free from chemical additives, preserving the true flavor of your shisha. Regardless of your set up, whether it be a HMD, mesh screen or the good old fashion coals straight on foil, Ozzy Coco will meet your needs.