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BlackBurn Hookah Tobacco – Strong line by Burn tobacco in a compact package of 25 grams

The Black Burn tobacco base is a blend of the best Burley varieties that provide the best disclosure of any taste. Tobacco has a strength above average, although when air-filled it turns out to be quite light.

The taste is revealed more fully when stuffed on fanel. Tobacco has a high heat resistance, retains its taste even at high temperatures and stuffing with overpack. With any taste of Black Burn hookah tobacco, thick smoke and rich taste accompany the entire smoking process.

Flavour List:

ANANAS SHOCK – Delicious and natural taste of sour pineapple in BlackBurn – Ananas Shock tobacco. Enjoy the pronounced tropical sourness of a juicy fruit that tingles your tongue! In an interesting and rich bouquet, you can catch a slight sweetness and soft floral notes. It leaves a pleasant aftertaste. The product smokes great solo. And if you miss the tropics, then make a cool exotic mix – mix with mint and coconut.

APPLE SHOCKYou have been looking for the perfect apple for a long time, you may find it in Apple Shock tobacco from BlackBurn. This is a real sour green apple and nothing more. The aroma is very bright, rich and “juicy”. In combination with a good strength, this tobacco can take pride of place among your favorite flavors. We advise!

CHERRY GARDEN – This taste hides the juice of natural ripe cherries, and if you are looking for the perfect cherry flavour, this might be it! Sweet and sour, with tart notes, this is exactly what an ideal cherry should be like in our opinion. Combined with a good strength, Cherry Garden has every chance of taking pride of place in your top tastes.

CHUPA GRAPER – This BlackBurn soda is sure to quench your thirst. Grape taste is quite difficult to convey, so you often expect a catch from it. But this soda is a pleasant surprise.

ICE BABY – The first collaboration taste with an artist in the history of the hookah industry. The bright taste of wild berries, the enchanting aroma of grapefruit will create a light summer mood, and the coolness will pleasantly relax after a hard day. Moderately sweet, moderately sour, moderately fresh.

IT'S NOT BLACKCURRANTRedcurrant BlackBurn today will not let you get bored. Berry shades reduce the cheekbones of everyone who chilled in the summer in the village or in the country. Sour notes without spiciness, but with a slight sweetness – it’s a roller coaster of flavors a lot of smoke.

KIWI STONER – Interesting and even intriguing sweet and sour taste. Refreshes and uplifts. A great choice for a hot day to cheer up a little and switch.

LEMON SHOCK – Lemon, real LEMON. No candy stories, lollipops, and stuff! Only sour taste, only hardcore. Lemon SHOCK is a versatile fragrance that can be used in mixes and is extremely good in solo.

LEMON SWEETSUnexpected presentation of the classic lemon taste – a delicate sweetish shade of lemon with the addition of citrus. On exhalation, a note of lemon caramel will remain in the mouth, the sourness in this tobacco is not pronounced, so it will appeal to those who love light sweetish tastes. It smokes pleasantly clean and pairs with various mixes of fruit, tea and dessert themes, and is also ready to create an unexpected palette of tastes, for example, in a duet with Strawberry Jam.

MALIBU – Strawberry islands in a sea of cream is Malibu by BlackBurn. Sweet, creamy, strawberry delight engulfs you with every breath of Malibu.

MUESLI – Milky oatmeal muesli with peach jam and fragrant strawberries.

PAPAYA V OBED – One of the four flavours, released in collaboration with the famous hookah blogger Slava KMTM (Hookah Master of Your Mom). It’s a juicy and grassy papaya flavour with a slight hint of creaminess and sourness.

PEACH KILLERLuxurious, rich taste of sweet and tender peach pulp. Bright and pleasant aftertaste, fragrant smoke. Peach Killer pairs well with just about anything with other fruit flavors.

REAL P.F.An unreal tropical taste will remind you of the forgotten shades of the sea shore warmed by the sun. The bright taste of passion fruit with charismatic spicy sweetness and sourness will take you straight to the smoky clouds of pleasure. Bright, real: not like travel 2020. Colorful fireworks on the map of everyday life!

RISING STARA mix for lovers of sweet and tropical, like a fragrant cocktail, carefully assembled for you on the sandy shore of the ocean or in the evening bar in front of the pool. The sweet notes of mango combined with the aroma of passion fruit definitely make this taste stand out from the entire BlackBurn fruit line.

SHOCK CURRANT SHOCKThe option is definitely for currant lovers. From the open package, the tart and spicy smell of currant spreads throughout the room. As if a freshly picked fresh berry is on the table. In the process of inhalation, it gives a pleasant sour taste with pronounced currant notes. Sour and refreshing as it should. The taste persists for a long time, does not bother, although you can try to mix and add sweet accents.

STRAWBERRY JAM – BlackBurn Strawberry Jam with the taste of strawberry jam or jam, for lovers of berry classics. It has a pleasant, light aroma, very sweet taste with hints of berries. The taste of jam gives it even more richness, but without strong cloying. Try assembling your berry basket with blueberries, cranberries and a pinch of mint or chill.

SUMMER BASKETAs if he went to a clearing and collected a full basket of various berries.